Friday, October 8, 2010

Conversation between a beautiful girl and a engineer boy

A Beautiful girl (Beauty) and an Engineer boy (Techie) are traveling on a train, they happen to be seated next to each other.

Techie: Hey, how you doing!

Beauty: with a smile, I am good.

Silence of a few moments.

Beauty: Are you comfortable, if there is anything on your mind,

Techie(with a smile) : , yes, If I open my mind, I am afraid, I might make you uncomfortable , (smiles again).

Beauty(very confidently):, oh come on, I can handle anything. May be you don’t find it easy talking with a beautiful girl.

Techie: As easy as you would find talking about train.

Beauty: What’s there to talk about a train, its just a train.

Techie: What’s there to fear talking to beautiful girl, just another beauty.

Beauty: I buy a ticket, complete my journey, that’s it, never give a thought about a train

Techie: I buy a ticket to cinema or switch on TV, get my entertainment, never give a thought after that to beautiful people.

Beauty: Are you saying beauty has no effect on you?

Techie: As much as the engineering of a train has on you.

Beauty: Don’t you see beauty around you?

Techie: As mush as you see engineering around you.

Beauty: Where is engineering, I see beauty when I get up in the morning and look at the mirror.

Techie: I see engineering in the mirror, and the tooth brush in my hand.

Beauty: So you don’t see my big round eyes?

Techie: Just like you didn’t see the big wheels of this train.

Beauty: So you don’t notice the curves of my lips?

Techie: Just like you don’t notice the curves on the window, it makes it much more lasting.

Beauty: Beauty affects so many people around the world and in so many ways?

Techie: Engineering affects all the more people in all the more ways.

Beauty: Do you know how much effort goes into being beautiful?

Techie: As much as you can guess that goes into designing any machine.

Beauty: Not just one person’s effort, there are so many people behind it.

Techie: Ya sure, but not more than what it takes to make a train.

Beauty: Machines cannot make beauty

Techie: But they surely make everything that you use to enhance your beauty.

Beauty: Beauty makes people life livable,

Techie: Engineering make life comfortable, affordable, and everything that man makes..

Beauty: So you mean beauty has no value?

Techie: It has, but probably not as much as being given to it.

Beauty: There was beauty in the world even before man made machines?

Techie: ya, and if beauty was sufficient, man would not have started making machines.

Beauty: You are saying this because you want to prove that I am stupid if I don’t see technology.

Techie: Oh no!, All I am saying is there is technology behind every product, and there is a person behind every beautiful or not so beautiful face.

The train reaches destination, they get down.

Techie: Would like to have a coffee?

Beauty: I can, what are you going to talk about?

Techie: May be I can tell you about the evolution of the design of cup and saucer.

What about you, do you want to talk about something?

Beauty: No. I will listen, I am happy, someone talks to me regardless of my beauty.

They walk to a restaurant.


Abhinav Bhatnagar

09 Oct 2010

Author’s note: The story was written to mark the 50th anniversary of one of the foremost college of Technology in India, MNNIT, which is also author’s Alma matter.

Media's 24X7 fixation with glamor and finance is making people forget the value of engineering.


Ashish Jaiswal said...

this is fantastic. Entertaining and intriguing. Cha gaye sahab!

kool_aqua said...
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Vinod said...

Cool, If the Engineering Guy was a beauty9 girl with beauty & brains ) , It would have been still better.

Vivek Kant said...

Great story. But alas engineers themselves give more credit to beauty than engineering. Do you think any of us will talk about the train if a beautiful girl is sitting next to him.

rachna said...

Nice work....time for the world to wake up....

Ashish said...

Have to admit boss - talent MNR main dikha tha, ab fal raha hai - Keep it up buddy.

Amit said...

Boss .. ye koi true story to nahin ? suna hai aajkal beauty ki khoj kar rahe ho :)

Abhinav Bhatnagr said...

Via Facebook:
Pooja Jaiswal:
brilliant work,keep it up buddy:)

Anjali Koul:
cool, bhaiya very creative take on comparison between beauty and engineering. just go easy on beautiful girls and court them!!

Amrit Sharma:
Though it took 5 min to read this piece but i m sure would hv taken quite q time to write this interesting short story.
I quite liked it. BRAVO.......
my sympthay goes to the Beauty and I wish 'Get well soon ' to the techie ........;-) :-) :-)

Vinay said...

great humourous story Bhatti

Utsav said...

Very good story Indeed Sir!!

Ankur said...

Nice Conversation

Ankur said...

Nice conversation .... but seems imaginary ..or either exception girl